Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week our group got a very scary wake up call, I don' think that any of us had really grasped how much time our project has taken up and how much time left. We have since come up with a revised timetable for the production of our project:

Pre Production

Week 21: present week-rough draft scripting-research
Week 22: expected rough draft script completion-edit read through of script-journals
Week 23: Final edit of script-good copy completed-research
Week 24: Location scouting for scenes. script reading with cast.

Production Phase
Week 25: Holidays-final cast adjustments-Film oblivion & montage shots
Week 26: Holidays-film alleyway & Scene3, Scene 4 conclusion

Post Production
Week 27: Post production editing using equipment at the shouzen-adobe premiere CS3 pro
Week 28: Final edit-tweaking-start distribution stage-journal week 29: Project completion deadline. additional support documents & clips

I've copied this timetable from steelydan17's blog, as it's the one that we had agreed on last week during class. I've cut out the last couple of weeks though... we don't have 32 weeks, danny!

The main problem with leaving this amount of time for all that work is that we have very little room for error. Basically, if anything goes wrong, we'll be very stretched to get everything done. I think in one of my earlier posts i mentioned that we wanted to leave a ,ot of time for any problems that we may come across... unfortunately, some things have been a fair bit more challenging than we had expected/anticipated.

Because we're now getting tight for time, we've decided to continue our work on the project in our own time, after school on tuesday for another couple of hours, plus other times whenever ( i think Thursday). However i hope i can get home tonight, it's supposed to snow to 100m tonight. I think we're substantially above that here at the college! Also we have our project submission document due next week, a lot of work to do there as well.

I think that's pretty much it for now, hopefully Dan can get here soon so that we can get on with our work!